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Instead of settling for whatever's out there, make the best out of any light (or no light) situation.

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Why chase the light when you can make the light.

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Great story is a story well told

Our masterclass will make the path of your flash mastery quick and easy.

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Exact technique

Engage in hands-on exercises to master 7 flash looks that we incorporate into our wedding photography.

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Easy to follow

We'll break down all the basic and technical aspects of flash photography in a way that's super easy to understand.

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Community access

Get all your questions answered through live group calls made for additional guidance and support.

Results you can expect with our masterclass.

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Here's why photographers are raving about the Flash Masterclass

What sets this course apart is its exceptional level of learning. The abundance of information and practical insights shared were mind-blowing. From mastering the basics to exploring advanced techniques, every aspect was covered in-depth. The instructor, Danilo, did an excellent job of simplifying complex concepts and used real-world examples to illustrate effectively. I can't stress enough how much I learned from this course. The skills and techniques I acquired were amazing, and I'm eager to implement them right away!


I just finished watching the Flash course and I must say it was a total game-changer for me. The level of knowledge I gained from this course was far beyond my expectations and I am now confident in my Flash skills. There were so many tips and tricks that I wasn't aware of before. The course has enabled me to analyse both the technical and aesthetic elements of my work. This course has definitely taken my work to the next level. Thank you Danilo


Amazing course! Get very inspired already and can’t wait to go out and try it. Definitely will come back to listen again to master it. Thank you for sharing with us all your flash secrets. 🥰 my fav is a sun kiss. 😍


As somebody who really thinks he understands flash, this was really a breath of fresh air and giving insight and inspiration in new techniques. The basics are well covered and explained for people beginning with flash and then different ways of using it are shown. It's a well balanced workshop for beginners and established professionals. Inspiring and to the point, it's great.


Hi Danilo and Sharon, This course was incredible well structured. Amazing for beginners and also good for more experience photographers. The way Danilo explain and communicate is clear, simple and engaging. The overall structure by chapters and looks is great for people to better understand and practice and try different looks. For me as an experience photographer was great to take a look at some small nuances, but I was very happy with it. Well done, your academy is going to be a success! Congrats!


Simple, to the point, absolutely amazing


This has changed the way I use flash! Flash can seem complicated but you made it so easy to understand and remember. Short video format of the course makes it easy to find topics and review quickly. I learnt a variety of beautiful looks and how to problem solve in different lighting situations.


I am so happy with the flash course. Danilo and Sharon went above and beyond to explain how to achieve amazing results with the use of flash (the same results you can see in their work). Everything is easy to understand with lots of examples. I love how they distincted 7 different flash looks and revealed their "secret flash formula". I personally think it's the only course you need to take on flash. Thank you Danilo and Sharon! :)


This has changed the way I use flash! Flash can seem complicated but you made it so easy to understand and remember. Short video format of the course makes it easy to find topics and review quickly. I learnt a variety of beautiful looks and how to problem solve in different lighting situations.


Danilo explained everything in a way that made it easy to digest and I can't wait to start practicing with the flash and become more comfortable with it!


This course was truly eye opening. Before taking the flash course i was not confident with using my flash at weddings, i would simply place it on my camera and have it on ttl mode and just literally play around with the settings until i got a photo/exposure that looks "good". I simply can not wait to further implement these techniques and what i learned for my weddings!! And to do it with confidence!


This course was eye-opening! I never felt confident about working with a flash, that has changed. This master class allows me to take my wedding photography to the next level. Thanks for being so open about how you work, it's inspiring!


What I love about this course is that it's directly to the point. No waste of time, practical examples with specific camera settings for different looks. You also learn how to affect your images by changing the different parameters like aperture, shutter speed , flash zoom and flash power. So it's not only about how Danilo & Sharon shoot their photos and their formula, but also a deep understanding of how to use a flash for different styles.


I mentioned this a bit over email, but I feel as though I already have a decent understanding of flash from back when I shot studio work. When I saw that you guys were creating this course, I still knew I had to invest in it. i've looked up to you for a while now and I just know anything you put out would be insanely thoughtful and intuitive, and I was right. Your course was thorough, well organized and so well spoken. It was clear as day! I learned new tricks that I hadn't expected to learn and was able to apply them at my wedding the following weekend. It was the perfect length and all of the modules were very easy watches. Thank you for putting out this awesome course. Can't wait for the updates!


The course is great, concise and without any unnecessary stuff to confuse. Danilo is giving his best to explain it in simple terms and give us valuable information. It completed my knowledge of working with flash and gave me a new ways of using it, something I would never explore on my own I believe. It's nice when you can get new creative ways of using something that's already part of your workflow. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to level up their work.


I have been a lover of their vision from the moment I met them on social media. It's been more than a year now. They have been my inspiration all this time.
And even though I use flashes I felt that the course could give me those little tricks that would elevate my skills.
I think I got it .... is perfectly created to understand in a simple way how you can work being creative with the use of flash.

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What you will learn after completing the course?

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Masterclass pricing

Choose your plan

Regular price

What You'll Get

  • 20+ online flash lessons

  • 6-month access to lessons and support group

  • Live monthly group calls to answer all your questions

  • All future updates to the course included



Instalment plan

What You'll Get

  • 20+ online flash lessons

  • 6-month access to lessons and support group

  • Live monthly group calls to answer all your questions

  • All future updates to the course included


+ VAT / 3 monthly payments


Got a question?
Here you will find the answer.

Is this an online or live masterclass?

The masterclass will be online and all the members get a 6 months access to all the lessons and support group, so that anyone can watch and practice at their own pace.

Is it pre-recorded content or a live presentation?

All lessons are pre-recorded. And all participants will be invited to a private Facebook group, where we will open discussions, give answers to all extra questions.

We will also talk about specific lightscenarios and solutions in our montly live group calls!

Who is this masterclass for?

This course is for professional and aspiring wedding photographers, who want to upgrade or gain their flash photography skills.

It covers everything about flash photography from the gear setup and basic controls all the way to more advanced flash techniques.

When will it be available for watching?

The course and the support group will be available right upon your purchase. And you will have a 6-month access to all lessons and monthly group coaching.

Are there any payment plans available?

We offer two payment options:
- one time purchase plan for 499€
- three-month instalment plan for 189€ per month

What can I expect after I finish the masterclass?

You can expect to develop a solid foundation in flash photography as you grasp the fundamentals and controls with ease.

Additionally, you will be able to hear how exactly I use the flash at every wedding, with starting flash and camera settings for each part of the day.

Furthermore you will be able to find 7 more flash techniques I use at most of the projects I work on.

And on top of that you will be able to get all your questions answered, so that your learning process goes easy and well-guided.

What will the live group calls be about?

The live group calls we plan to do are supposed to offer further guidance and answers to all specific-scenario questions.

It's basically impossible to give every answer and show all instances in one course, so we want to offer further guidance and support for everyone who needs it after watching the course.

And we will have some good time.

What if I'm not satisfied with the results?

If the Masterclass doesn't yield results within the first 30 days of the course, I'll personally schedule a call to brainstorm how to fix it.

If we can't resolve it, you'll receive a full refund — no questions asked.

If you have any more questions,
please don't hesistate to text us at contact@reflections-academy.com


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Once you start shaping the light, your work will never be the same. Flash is one of the most powerful tools you can add to your workflow.

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