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An educational platform designed to help wedding photographers worldwide.

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Preparing tomorrow's photographers today.

Our goal is to help you develop a skillset needed to discover your style and elevate your photography business.

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A decade of building distinctive aesthetic.

Meet Danilo & Sharon - founders of their luxury wedding photography studio known for defined aesthetic approach and bespoke services. Influenced by previous fashion and advertising work, they nourished a photographic style that seduces modern brides worldwide.

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Finding a path to the top of the industry is a challenge. But we made it, and we know exactly how you can, too.

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30 RISING STARS OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY, Rangefinder Magazine, New York


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Interactive online lessons


Unlock your photography skills in a real-time & interactive classroom with your peers and your mentor.

You just need a passion for photography and learning.

Become a great photographer

In our first courses on the platform, we will cover all the things needed to become a great photographer. Whether it’s learning how to use a flash, or improving your editing, we got you covered. Our platform is constantly growing, with new courses and solutions coming out to help you become an all-around master.

Grow into a creative entrepreneur

The difference between a great photographer and a successful one is only in the level of their entrepreneurial skills. We will help you monetise your photography and find ways to get paid what you're worth.

Retire as a business owner

Some of us will shoot weddings forever. Some of us are making retirement plans. Our mission is to create helpful content and solutions that will help you find a way out, while keeping a steady stream of income for the future.


Our courses will make the path of your mastery quick and easy.

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FLASH Masterclass for Wedding Photographers

Master using flash at weddings on and off-camera. With more than 330 students turned into advanced flash users, this course proves that Danilo’s flash formula works. And you can access it now.

Available now

PHOTO EDITING Masterclass for Wedding Photographers

A practical roadmap that will help you achieve timeless, crisp and clean look of your photographs. The course comes with an exclusive, complimentary access to Danilo & Sharon Imagen AI preset.

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Real people, real results.

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Got a question?
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Who are these courses for?

The courses on Reflections Academy are tailored to help aspiring wedding photographers who want to enhance their skills, learn new techniques and develop their businesses. Sounds like you? Then head over to enrolment and see what we have available at the moment.

Are these courses pre-recorded or live?

All our courses are pre-recorded unless stated otherwise. This makes them ideal for coming back to and learning at your own pace.

Do you offer additional assistance along the courses?

Yes, absolutely! Most of our courses come with support groups where you can join us in discussions, live group calls and ask any questions along the way.

How do I access the courses?

Upon purchase we will send you all the information necessary to access the course. Please note that in case of purchase during a presale the date of the course launch and availability may be a couple of weeks after the purchase.

Do you offer payment plans?

Certainly. We know that taking courses is an investment, and we want to help you make it. So we offer payment plans to all our launched courses. For courses on presale we only offer a one-payment special offer.

What can I expect after finishing an online course at Reflections Academy?

Knowledge, skills and a lot more confidence to pursue your dreams. We are tirelessly working on making all our courses in forms of formulas, so that you can learn our exact process instead of just giving you some vague information and a sucky fluff. Our courses bring transformations and real results. And we have hundreds of students to prove that.

What's your refund policy?

We offer 30-day money back guarantee with all our courses. We want you to feel safe, and learn risk-free. If you find a course you enrolled not to be what you expected, you can just email us about it and if we can't help you otherwise, we will issue you a full-refund. Yet, we're proud to say we had zero refund requests so far.

If you have any more questions,
please don't hesistate to text us at contact@reflections-academy.com


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Our courses will bring you value.
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